About Delacqua®
Established in 2002, DELACQUA has been known as one of the premier hair salon and spas in Brooklyn. It was in Rome, Italy that it's founder was first inspired with idea of Delacqua Salon and Spa while proposing to his wife on a gondola floating on the Venice canal. He wanted to bring a little bit of Europe back to the USA so that he could always have a piece of that beautiful moment with him and so upon his return, he began to build his dream.

With the help of his beautiful wife and her amazing talent in interior design, they set of on their adventure. Within 4 long months of sleepless nights and determination, Delacqua was born. Delacqua, which translates into “something beautiful out of water” is one of the most beautiful salon spas in NYC. Our goal is your satisfaction because we believe that “Beauty, never takes a vacation”!


Delacqua Salon and Spa
2027 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214
(718) 266-1233

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